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  • Why crowdfund us?

    At OresomeCraft, we are working hard to put OresomeCraft Minecraft Servers at the forefront of plugin development, multiplayer gaming and minecraft gameplay experiences. We are constantly working hard - sifting through backend to find bugs and memory leaks, talking to our service providers to get lower prices and more affordable servers, and promoting ourselves in order to get more donations, more services, and more time to dedicate to developing gameplay for you, the user. We’ve already conquered multiplayer player versus player services, but as we endeavour into providing large-scale Minecraft Multiplayer Experiences for you, we’ve discovered one thing. We want and need you to be a part of this experience.

    What's the difference between crowdfunding and donating?

    The major difference between donating and funding is that donating is a once off commitment - you pay the money, receive your cosmetic perks and continue enjoying the same great service for free. That aspect will never change. Funding, however, is the commitment to pay a set sum monthly. We aim to make this fee as low as possible and get as many funders onboard as possible. Funding will automatically be withdrawn each month, going directly to the costs associated with powering the expansive world that our Survival Multiplayer Server consumes. Extra resources will be put towards improving the multiplayer experience. Current players will understand that performance has been an issue. This will be fixed with the use of this funding, being used to invest in a dedicated server, specifically for Survival Multiplayer. This will mean lightning fast read-write times, meaning that the performance of the server will not drop tremendously when players are exploring the world. The current price tag for this server is $185 per month.

    What do I get out of this?

    Well, you are lucky enough to get exclusive access to Beta Content, including testing plugins for us in a test server. Expansions that we add will be thoroughly tested before being added to the main SMP server branch. You also receive priority response when asking questions about the server - your queries will be monitored closely, and you will be provided a staff member’s email for direct correspondence. On top of this, you receive access to a funder’s only Creative world. This world will be online for you to test out build ideas, and redstone contraptions, without wasting time creating your own world, backing up, or wasting resources. Furthermore, you will be provided with a funder-only inside look at the work that goes into making OresomeCraft. Interviews, blog posts, code snippets, let’s play videos with some of the staff and many more will be provided as funder-only exclusive content.

    I don’t want to pay monthly, though

    You are more than welcome to opt out at any time. However, this will mean you will be removed from the funder list, and your access to exclusive content will be lost. If you only wish to donate once, you can easily click donate at the top ( donate) and donate either $10 or $20. This money goes directly towards the server you donate on.