What is Mumble?

Already know what mumble is? Join us now at mumble.oresomecraft.com (port: 64738)
If not, we're about to give you a bit of an introduction!

Mumble is a voice communication program that allows multiple people to talk at once, without lag. OresomeCraft has its own mumble server that anybody can use to chat, while playing OresomeCraft.

Many members of our community use Mumble! You can also commonly find many of our staff members on Mumble and willing to have a chat!

From there, simply select which version of Mumble you would like to download, then follow the installer's instructions!

Ensure when going through the Mumble installation you pay great attention to the Audio Setup Wizard. This will guide you through through how to setup your audio and microphone! There are 3 types of microphone settings, push to talk, which means you must hold down a key to speak, voice recognition, which detects when you're speaking and continuous. We will kick users who use continuous as it usually causes echo.

As long as you have a decent headset or earphones, you should be able to use voice recognition, but if you don't, you will likely need to use push to talk.

How can I connect to the OresomeCraft Mumble server?

To connect to OresomeCraft's mumble server, open up Mumble. Once Mumble is open, click on the blue sphere in the top left of the program.

Click on the "Add New..." button, near the bottom of the screen...

... and enter the following details

You're now all set! Have fun chatting!