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SMP was the beginning of the OresomeCraft Network - where it all began. The original map has long been removed with multiple map resets since then. Fortunately, a regular player-base has been established with a steady player count of around 40-50 during peak times. We hope to raise this in the future and are constantly looking for new ideas to improve the SMP experience. The server is great and the community greater.


Dive into a world of intense Minecraft PvP. Using a diverse range of custom plugins and maps, we made the ultimate Minecraft combat experience and put it up for the public to play with.

OresomeCraft Battles facilitates a large variety of game modes. The current game modes include: Team DeathMatch, Free for All, Infection, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Last Man Standing and Last Team Standing!

The server runs on a map rotation based system, and for maps that support multiple game modes the players get to vote which game mode is played!


Arcade is a distinctive part of OresomeCraft. Consecutively play intense mini games, such as fast-paced paintball, or test your agility in TNTRun, where the ground falls beneath your feet! There is something for everyone! If you're a demolitionist, try TNTDM, any TNT lovers playland! Bombdrop is a completely unique gamemode where you must survive the unexpected explosive rain. Arcade also features our unique triple tiered Spleef.

Trouble in Oresome Town

Inspired by Garry's Mod's Trouble in Terrorist Town, Trouble in Oresome Town is OresomeCraft's Minecraft interpretation of the game mode! There are three types of players, the Civilians, the Criminals and the Investigators. The aim of the game is for the Investigators or Civilians to find and kill all the Criminals, or for the Criminals to kill all the Investigators and Civilians! But, there's one problem, the Criminals look like regular civilians! Luckily, we have the Investigators! They are able to instruct players to go into the tester machine, which will light up if the person inside is a criminal!


Inspired by you guessed it, Mario Kart, OresomeKart is OresomeCraft's Minecraft interpretation. Here you can race against an unlimited amount of players, on a variety of different maps and tracks. Designed to be as realistic as possible, racers race in Minecarts (without needing to be on tracks) while being able to use things like boost blocks, jump blocks and special items!

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